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Eelco van Asperen passed away unexpectedly.

The unfortunate news has reached us, that Eelco van Asperen (48), assistant professor at the ESE and program director of MEL, has passed away on Friday, May 31, 2013. Eelco has had a major role in (setting up) the study program Informatics & Economics and has proven to be a very competent, flexible and creative individual who will be missed and remembered by many.
Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Many have known Eelco as a competent teacher at the Informatics & Economics (I&E) program and practically every student has followed one or more of his courses. Though he could be strict, he understood students and was determined to achieve high passing rates — which he often did.

Even during tough times and difficult situations Eelco proved to be very flexible where others would simply give up or not willing to take responsibility. When Bestuurlijke Informatica was shutting down, it was Eelco and a couple of other entrepreneurs managed to successfully setup a new program: I&E.

Another example of his vigor and perseverance was when the I&E program had to be accredited and Eelco did not get assigned a secretary to assist him (while others did) in this very long and complicated process: he did it on his own! And when the ESE didn’t extend his contract, he continued to work on his PhD which led to a successful defense in 2009.

Eelco has even been prepared to fix an exam fiasco caused by the ESE: after his contract was not extended the ESE forgot to assign someone else to make a resit exam for one of his courses. This resulted in students arriving at their exam and it was then when the university noticed there was no exam. Eelco offered students oral examinations to fix this embarrassing mistake made by the ESE. He did so in his own free time in the month of August so students could pass the course after all and, in many cases, enroll for their Master programs.

Numerous other examples exist that he cared about students. It was a fact that he liked to work with students and where other teachers usually prefer contact via email, Eelco preferred “a visit in person”: “Face-to-face communication is far richer and will probably get you a better answer than email”.

His love and passion for his work and domain of interest is rare and his passing is considered a major loss to his colleagues, students and university.

Thoughts go out to his relatives, friends, colleagues and students.

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