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Erasmus University still accumulating dust.

The Erasmus University Rotterdam is still not taking any sides in the battle between the cleaning companies and the unions, unlike other organizations like Schiphol and NS (Dutch Railways). The unions are disappointed as the university is a big player and can put extra pressure, but instead is not showing it wants a real solution.
Friday, March 23, 2012

(Rotterdam) Union manager Ron Meyer at FNV stated that if the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) really would like to see a solution to this problem, it would give a clear and unambiguous signal. Instead, the EUR chose to be passive in this matter, which is disappointing.

The unions are still debating the issues with OSB, the federation of cleaning companies. One of the crucial issues is that employees don’t get first two days pay when they are ill. Meyer stated negotiations have yet to begin.

If no deals are reached by the end of this month, then the union will compel and enforce individual collective bargaining with each of the organizations. This could affect the EUR negatively, which should be reason for the EUR to take sides right now.

Dust collectEUR

In the meantime the EUR-campus is collecting dust since the very beginning of 2012. H-building and the university library are some of the buildings that are affected, because the cleaners responsible for those buildings are on strike.

If more cleaners lay down their work, then we would probably get the same situation as two years ago. Instead of taking sides, the EUR would again rather ask its academic and support staff to help cleaning up the rooms.

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