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Erasmus University will accumulate dirt today.

The whole campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam will not be cleaned today. This has to do with the nationwide conflict of cleaning personnel demanding more pay and better working conditions. This has lead to demonstrations in different cities and now to a protest at the EUR.
Friday, January 27, 2012

(Rotterdam) Some cleaning personnel at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) decided to block the entrance to the H-building for their colleagues this morning, as protest against the employers organization OSB which is refusing to accept any demands for more pay and better working conditions.

About 100 cleaning personnel working for cleaning company GOM, didn’t allow colleagues to do their work. Afraid for more turmoil, the EUR decided to let everybody go home. Whether there will be more protests on Monday is yet to be seen.

EUR Sucking Up

In 2011 there were also demonstrations by cleaning personnel and they also went on strike. This resulted the EUR-campus not to be cleaned for days in a row. The EUR-management didn’t want to comment publicly on the issue back then, stating they have no influence whatsoever.

But this has changed now after hearing the New Year’s speech held by the chair of the EUR-board, Pauline van der Meer-Mohr. Basically the first topic she talked about is that she wants to thank the cleaners that have it difficult during the current campus renovation.

She continued by thanking them for “delivering everybody a clean and fresh working and study environment” and that one of her propositions for 2012 is “to thank the cleaning personnel more often in person for the vital and sometimes ungrateful work they are doing”.

Considering the EUR track record this is clearly a first attempt to win the cleaners over and beg them not to strike as was the case in 2011.

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