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ALERT: 95th Council Meeting Canceled

It is official: the 95th Council Meeting, scheduled for December 14, 2011, has been canceled. The odd thing is this news was never published on the Council’s website. Just today the online meeting schedule has been adjusted, but even though nothing has been posted about the reason for cancellation, the ANDY Standard has got (most) of the answers.
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

(Rotterdam) – Usually all relevant documents for any council meeting are finalized at least two weeks before the actual meeting. They are also posted on the council’s website, found here.

This time, no documents were posted on the page and there was no additional information. Only after the ANDY Standard requested the documents this weekend, a reply from an official came Monday stating that the meeting was canceled.

It is a mystery why no message about this development was posted on the website to inform the community. The online meeting schedule also remained unchanged until later today, and was processed only after we pointed out it would be a good idea to do that.

We also suggested posting a news message about this fact, but that has not been picked up – instead, it has been “duly noted for a next time”.

Below is a screenshot of how the online meeting schedule looked like this morning:

Meeting Schedule with old info, the day before.

Reason for Cancellation

We also asked about the reason the meeting got canceled, being a highly unusual thing to do. The official stated there were two main reasons: there are few items on the agenda (1) and many council members would not be present (2).

The first reason is still vague and it is unclear why there is a lack of topics – especially considering the items from the previous meeting. The second reason can probably be explained by the current exam period.


Nevertheless, the current exam period has been scheduled over a year ago, and was well-known when the council’s meeting schedule was finalized at the beginning of the academic year. It is therefore unclear why the meeting was not moved to another, more practical, date.

Taking all things into account, the cancellation can be considered highly disputable and unnecessary. Moreover, it comes as a big surprise to us and the community. Not posting any info on the web, simply proves the council is not really interested in the community.

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