Erasmus School of Economics discriminates between regular and HBO-students!

It is about one year ago when the Erasmus School of Economics board promised to solve the problem of the large workgroups. The purpose of the new ‘block-system’ that was introduced School-wide back in 2007 was small-scale education so that students can get more attention. Now it appears to be the case the problem has been solved for the ‘regular’ students but not for the students that enroll from College (Dutch: HBO), thus discriminating.
Thursday, November 18, 2010

(Rotterdam) – One year down and at least one broken promise. The numbers don’t lie, ‘regular’ Bachelor students reside within workgroups with about 30 students per group while HBO-students are regularly forced together in one group of more than 100 students with Micro-economics on top with an excruciating amount of 144 students. Below you can find the exact figures according to SIN-Online:

  • Wiskunde 1: a group with 110 and a group with 51 participants.
  • Micro-economie: a group with 144 participants.
  • Inleiding Accounting: a group with 138 participants.
  • Internationale economie: a group with 89 participants.
  • Finance: a group with 109 and a group with 135 participants.
  • Toegepaste Statistiek 2: a group with 136 and a group with 92 participants.

This kind of discrimination is unacceptable and that’s why I have submitted a request for an explanation about this matter today. I will keep you posted about any feedback so be sure to check back in!

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