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“The air conditioning in the H-building sucks.” Or does it?

Students are complaining about the air quality on the third floor of the H-building of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Even with half-empty computer rooms, the temperature and humidity tend to rise well above a comfortable level. The shocking thing is that a couple of years ago the air conditioning in the H-building was renovated, and it appears to function just as bad as before.
Friday, December 2, 2011

(Rotterdam) – The end of block 2 is near and one of the courses is the Bachelor 1 course ICT that consists of tutorial sessions in the pc-rooms on the third floor of the H-building, also commonly known as ‘H3′.

But other students also make extensive use of these pc-rooms for other courses and coursework. There is one thing all these students experience: the air condition is terrible.

Once temperature and humidity becomes unbearable you will hear students say that “the air conditioning sucks”. If this were actually true though, the system would actually suck out the bad air and blow in fresh air.

What is striking is that the air quality also drops when barely half of the room is occupied. Could you imagine how bad it would be with a fully-occupied room? And what about student performance in an extremely stuffy and uncomfortable room?

Old Problem

The odd thing is that this is not a new problem, because a couple of years ago the air conditioning in the H-building has been renovated. This included the pc rooms.

On many other floors the same problem has been encountered by staff, while at the same time specific rooms are extremely cold and sometimes even a draft is reported. The latter is for example the case in H11-02.

Forget Quick Solution

A source has informed The Andy Standard that the ESE ‘programme management’ is aware of the problem, but that any short term solutions are most probably not realizable.

Students and staff can send a complain though: you can complain using this link or by sending an email to

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