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M.Sc. in ICT in Business, in Leiden.

Leiden University once again is promoting its innovative and entrepreneurial M.Sc. program in ICT in Business that is joined by students from all over the world. The program teaches students ICT, but also trains them to make a valuable translation to add value for organizations and customers. The next information session is Thursday, November 10.
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(Leiden) – Leiden wishes to establish itself as the most prestigious University in The Netherlands, and to be one of the most renowned academic institutions in Europe. Taking into account the many innovative programs, courses and a vast international mix of both students and professors, they are clearly on the right track.

ICT in Business and Leiden

Nowadays, ICT has become the biggest factor in industrial and business innovation, so an intelligent and innovative university will use that knowledge and apply it to its curriculum. After all, academic institutions are there to serve society.

One of Leiden’s innovative programs is the M.Sc. ICT in Business program, supported by staff with practical experience from the field, but also innovative and entrepreneurial in nature. The program is categorized as ‘society-oriented’. This is a key aspect, as the goal is to train students for the real-world.

ICT in Business

During the 2-year program, students are taught how IT can improve businesses, how to manage IT projects and IT departments, and not to forget they are trained in how to apply innovation and entrepreneurship as an IT professional.

Students also have exchange possibilities and considering the vast amount of Leiden’s ongoing collaborations there is plenty of choice. Additionally, there is time for in-company or even international projects at many different companies.

Students can start on two dates: Februari 1, or September 1. The next information session on this program is Thursday, November 10, 2011, from 7pm to 8 pm in the Gravensteen building, room 111. More information is available at


In the past, Leiden has proven itself as an innovative university that covers just about any field, from humanities (lingual and cultural) , archaeology and law, to science (e.g. astronomy, computer science, mathematics and physics) and medicine.

The list of Leiden’s programs shows just what a vast diversity there is, but also how innovative the university actually is by continuously working on its curriculum to keep up-to-date with society. For example, in 2009 it took over the undergraduate program in Informatics & Economics (I&E) from the Erasmus University.

According to Leiden the program serves a public interest because businesses are dying for such graduates, so it would be a shame not to exploit this opportunity. The Erasmus School of Economics on the other hand ditched I&E because it wanted to be mono-disciplinary in the field of economics.

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