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Tilburg University introduces Course on Privacy.

A three-way partnership between the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Security (TILT), law firm De Brau Blackstone Westbroek and ICT branch organization ICT-Office will organize a post-doctoral course on privacy and personal data.
Tuesday, October 4, 2011

(Tilburg) -The specialization course on Privacy and Personal Data has the purpose of education current professionals on various privacy issues. The course tends to strongly focus on examples from the real world.

Founding the course was particularly sparked by the recent DigiNotar case that showed bad implementation of privacy, but was also inspired on the lack of privacy education in already existing (under)graduate programs.

Prins, professor at Tilburg University, found that privacy was just an issue for academics and lawyers while virtually every firm is now confronted with it because of rapid technological developments in the field of data exchange.

Course objectives

According to the TILT-website, “participants will gain a better understanding of both the relevant legislation and case law but also of recent developments such as the revision of the European Privacy Directive and national legislation in the Personal Data Protection Act”.

Other important practical issues are cross-border data exchanges and contract work in relation to privacy. Basically, the course should fill up the blanks with knowledge that should have been there all along, but lacks in other programs.

After finishing the course, students should be able to be independent, creative and critical when solving a privacy issue. Students will also be able to “assist, litigate and execute the majority of privacy related issues.

Course details

The course instructors are: Corien Prins (Professor at Tilburg), Lokke Moerel (De Brau Blackstone Westbroek) and Peter van Schelven (ICT-Office). They will illustrate theory by using practical cases.

The course is provided in the Dutch language and costs 2000 euro, including reading materials and excluding VAT. More course details can be found here.

Future projects

The partners are already thinking about launching new courses that cover other areas in the ICT-sector that need more attention, like for example outsourcing and e-commerce.

According to Moerel, this is an example that Tilburg is open to new developments and collaboration with partners that have practical experience.

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