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Erasmus School of Economics regulates use of calculators.

The Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) has introduced rule after rule over the last several years and now they have added yet another regulation to their already vast list of rules and regulations: the use of calculators during exams.
Wednesday, September 13, 2011

(Rotterdam) – Recently the ESE has announced it will regulate the use of calculators during exams. Things comes after the ESE has even decided to ban dictionaries from their examination rooms.

Programmable calculators can be used to store information and are therefore not always allowed during exams. The information can then be used to commit fraud.

Only in several limited occasions programmable calculators are allowed, when it is really needed to perform certain advanced (academic) operations. Additionally they can be used to program simple software in order to automatically carry out a vast sequence of operations.

The ESE argues that supervisors during exams have difficulties distinguishing programmable calculators from regular ones. According to the School this makes it easier to commit fraud.

By explicitly stating which calculators are allowed the ESE wants to make it easier for supervisors and making committing fraud more difficult.

The downside is that many regular calculators may not appear on the list of approved calculators. Students are thereby forced to buy another model, even though theirs is not programmable.

For the ESE news article visit here.

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