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Reports: study advisors incapable of helping E&I-students.

Recent reports suggest that study advisors are incapable of helping Economics & Informatics (E&I) students. In a letter from last Monday, Ivo Arnold states that students, if needed, should seek help “with a study advisor to discuss a tailor-made solution”. This now appears to be not true.
Thursday, June 23, 2011

(Rotterdam) – The letter sent last Monday is clear: E&I-students that have courses left that are not offered anymore in 2011-2012, should “make an appointment with a study adviser to discuss a tailor-made solution”.

This tailor-made solution would embrace “taking alternative courses which fit into your master’s programme well”. It was never explained well to the Council, but the alternative courses may very well come from MSc Business Information Management.

But now reports are surfacing that study advisors have no idea on how to help students and which alternative courses would be suitable. The reports state students are asked to pick an alternative course by themselves and file a formal request with the Examination Committee.

One student reacted fiercely: “It is unthinkable the ESE expects students to scout courses by themselves” and “the ESE wished to terminate the Economics & ICT program and now they should finally take responsibility and properly assist students”.

Certainly not the first mistake

This is only the latest and one of many examples of mismanagement at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) regarding E&I-students. For example, several years ago a re-examination was literally cancelled last-minute after the examination officials could not find the exam papers.

And this academic year it was found that the academic calendar for Bachelor 3 E&I contained a huge error that caused substantial problems to students and staff as the sequence of courses was compromised.

The student population more and more feels left aside, as they do not matter anymore, a feeling that increases with every additional mistake the ESE makes on their regard. Now we can again wait for the next scandal.

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