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ESE, RSM cut deal. Students skeptic.

In his letter, Program Director and vice-dean Ivo Arnold finally officially informed E&I-students about the future of their studies. The letter comes as a result of a deal the ESE has cut with the RSM and a revised curriculum of the Computational Economics (CE) program.
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

(Rotterdam) – The letter, dated June 20, 2011, keeps it brief and is evidently tailored for senior master students only (hence the third paragraph). If a different letter has been sent to Bachelor students is yet unknown.

The letter is joined by an attachment that gives an overview of all courses and whether or not they will be offered next year. Students are advised to check their study progress and which courses are yet to be completed. If a required course is canceled, you are encouraged “to make an appointment with a study adviser to discuss a tailor-made solution”.

E&I, BIM all the same?

What is not stated in the letter, but was explained during the last Council meeting, is that students that wish to enroll in the Economics & ICT program have to sign up with the RSM in order to enroll in their MSc Business Information Management (BIM).

Ivo Arnold guaranteed Economics & ICT and BIM have corresponding final qualifications. This means that E&I-students will end up following BIM-courses at the RSM instead of the original E&I-courses, but will still quality for an E&I-diploma.

Different, but still identical.

Arnold refused to enter in a discussion about the similarities between E&I and BIM. This he did right after dean Franses explained that the ESE is all, and only about economics and nothing more – in order to differentiate itself from other Schools.

Later both guys admitted both ESE and RSM have several programs (like Finance) that are basically the same. This was the point when some council member concluded the cake they were served with was 95% hypocrisy coated in a thin layer of 5% sugar.

Faith in ESE down, skepticism up.

The latter is why some students remain skeptical because contrary to Arnold’s and Franses’ claims, they have been informed BIM is a very different program that is about Information Management and is not the focus of Economics & ICT.

The original letter can be found here .

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