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‘Computational Economics also forced to shut down.’

In his letter, dean Philip H. Franses informs the School Council that the E&I program Computational Economics should be terminated right away because the Master Director Uzay Kaymak has decided to leave the Erasmus School of Economics. Without Kaymak the program would be too fragile and it would be impossible to guarantee quality.
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(Rotterdam) – In the ongoing discussion on the future of the E&I program Economics & ICT new developments have come to light. One of them is the announced departure of the Master Director Uzay Kaymak which has been of great importance to the same program, but also the Economics & Informatics as a whole.

Franses argues that without Kaymak the master program Computational Economics has no future and it would be best to terminate the program and avoid a collapse in quality. The intention to end this program was written down by dean Franses back in 2008. Since then the amount of enrollments has remained low and the departure of Kaymak would create an unbearable situation.

History & future

In 2008 dean Franses informed the community he wished to terminate both the bachelor and master of Economics & Informatics. The bachelor would cease to exist in Rotterdam, but would partially move to Leiden. The informatics courses are now given in Leiden, while the economics courses are provided in Rotterdam.

In return for the termination of the bachelor, more ICT would be added to the curriculum of other economics programs. Although this has been the only argument for terminated, dean Franses has broken his promise.

According to the agreements made in 2008 the master programs would be terminated as well. But in contrast to the bachelor, the master programs Computational Economics and Economics & ICT would both be adjusted and fitted into the masters in Econometrics and Economics respectively. The latest developments suggest that these promises will also be broken.

Uzay Kaymak

Kaymak will follow in the footsteps of many others that left Economics & Informatics in the past 4 years. His departure comes as a surprise to many, especially after he was appointed full professor and in charge of Computational Economics. Others are not surprised and had seen it coming after the termination of the bachelor of Economics & Informatics.

The original letter can be found here.

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