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Report on cross-fertilization in higher education published!

It used up a lot of leisure time and devotion but the report on why and how to implement ‘cross-fertilization’ in higher education has been published today. The report explains what US universities are already doing – cooperating teachers that increase the value of education by showing their students the intertwining of subjects they are enrolled for. The report will be presented on the next Council meeting on November 10, 2010 – 86th Council meeting.
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(Rotterdam) – It is not untrue when you say American universities perform, if not much, better than other universities in the world. Even their community colleges have a extra means to provide their students with better insight. Richard Lambert, former editor of the Financial Times, and Nick Butler, Group VP for Strategy and Policy Development at BP, have identified this problem in their work ‘The Future of European Universities – Renaissance or decay?’ published in 2006.

Among other things they point out European universities need to set their ambitions higher, decrease bureaucracy and introduce more freedom and accountability. From my interviews at American universities, it has become clear that the environment is much more open and informal cooperation is carried widely. The sharing of ideas, research results creates a more innovative basis on which researchers can continue to build. The goal is to increase the likelihood of synergic relationships in which different domains contribute to each other. A very good example can be found at the 4th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics (2010) – it was discussed how Informatics and Cybernetics impact societies and how societies react as a result of that. The conference’s goal was not to discuss cross-fertilization, but to try to induce it from the interactions between different domains.

The report can be downloaded by clicking here. It is written in the Dutch language, but I have the intention to translate it to the English language.

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