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‘Insufficient sense of importance of ICT.’

Automatisering Gids (SDU pubishers) reports on the national ICT-debate, held Monday April 11. John Post (IBM) stated he regrets the Dutch Government has little sense of the importance of ICT and that this ‘digital highway’ is being neglected.
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(The Hague) – The paper Automatisering Gids (SDU publishers) reported on last week’s Dutch National ICT-debate with key speakers such as visionary Paul Ostendorf, Hans Bos (National Technology Officer with Microsoft), John Post (Chief Technology Officer with IBM), Bart Fehmers (IBM), Henk Broeders (Cap Gemini) and Johan Doruiter (Oracle). They agreed upon the question if ICT would still be exist in 2020: “ICT is in a new stage of uprising with all kinds of new technologies such as tablet-pc’s, smart phones and other mobile devices

John Post noted little attention and importance is dedicated towards how the new technologies will effect humans. Hans Bos agreed: “Little is known about the social impact, but I am nevertheless optimistic about the future of our sector: you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

‘ICT is underestimated’

Hans Bos visualizes a nice future as The Netherlands is equipped with thick fiber-cables which are a great tool to internationally become the ‘Gateway to the Cloud’ and we are able to compete with China and US.

According to John Post the Dutch Government is underestimating the potential of ICT and regrets the insufficient sense of the importance of ICT. “Billions is being invested in roads and concrete structures, but the new economy called the ‘digital highway’ is being neglected. Incomprehensible.”

Paul Ostendorf finds the government needs to create more budget to stimulate an ICT-career and that more should be collaborated between sectors to interest young people in such a career. This is of essence as the latest reports suggest a tight ICT job market in the future with shortage rising up to 10,000 ICT-Professionals by 2015 (source: ICT Marktmonitor 2011).

More information on the ICT-debate can be found on this website.

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