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NVAO requests clarification from Erasmus School of Economics.

The NVAO briefly informed The ANDY Standard about the latest developments in their preliminary investigation of the Erasmus School of Economics. The accreditation institution has requested clarification from the Erasmus School of Economics about the doubtful developments and wishes to see things cleared up.
Monday, 18 April, 2011

Yesterday the accreditation institution NVAO has let The ANDY Standard know it has requested the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) to clear things up about the doubtful decisions in the past and the current problems (Economics & Informatics) students encounter during their studies.

Apparently, the institution is also interested in the latest developments regarding the proposed termination of the Master specialization Economics & ICT and the doubtful statements the ESE-board has issued during the last School Council Meeting.

No other details can be released at the moment, but as soon new information becomes available it will be released on this website (will not be the case if subject to concealment due to sensitivity and/or classified information!).

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