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41% of ICT-Professionals find job using LinkedIn.

RulersGroup reports LinkedIn is growing in importance for ICT-Professionals that are looking for a job. 41% of the participants stated LinkedIn was of importance for acquiring their current job position. A total of 605 Dutch ICT professionals participated in the research.
Saturday, April 2, 2011

Research conducted by RulersGroup suggests social media is gaining importance as a factor to finding a job for ICT-Professionals. RulersGroup reports 20% of the participants found LinkedIn to be very important in acquiring their current job position and another 21% stated the social medium for professionals was of somewhat help. Some self-employed professionals even said they recruit al their applicants through LinkedIn.

Although LinkedIn is found to be useful in sustaining relations between professionals, it is mainly seen as a medium to keep in touch with old acquaintances and a way to prepare for face-to-face meetings. Also, virtually every participant stated Social Media are an excellent tool to increase chances for a new job.

Source: RulersGroup

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