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Inspectorate, NVAO to investigate Erasmus School of Economics.

The Dutch Inspectorate of Education (DIE) and educational accreditation organization (NVAO) contacted The ANDY Standard and said “the AndyLeaks page was interesting” and were curious if more is available. The Inspectorate is primarily interested in policies of the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) regarding Economics & Informatics (E&I), while the NVAO will be looking into the quality of ESE-courses.
Monday, March 28, 2011

Dutch Inspectorate of Education

This morning The ANDY Standard was contacted by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education (DIE) to request more detailed information on past and recent policies of the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) regarding the E&I program, both Bachelor and Master. The Inspectorate requested “all possible documents that may be relevant in their research” and stated it will use them in order to map out the board’s decisions regarding E&I.

“It was brought to our attention that there may have been made critical errors when the Bachelor program E&I was terminated back in 2009″, thus the brief statement of the Inspectorate. They refused to give out any more details about their investigation, but noted they will keep in touch.

Educational Accreditation Organization

In what looks like to be a joint operation, the DIE informed The ANDY Standard the NVAO would be contacting the website later today. And indeed, several hours later, NVAO called to request details on student complaints, regarding in particular several E&I-courses. But according to the investigator “the investigation will not be limited to E&I-courses and will span other programs as well”.

The investigator also said that: “We were notified about some cases of quality-deterioration regarding several ESE-courses and are now trying to take a look into the matter”. After he was asked how serious the matter was, he answered that they are “taking into account it could be something similar like the infamous InHolland-practices” but that he is not able to go into detail right now.


The ANDY Standard is always standing by to cooperate in cases like these. ANDY sent the two institutions a zip-file of almost 100MB each, containing minutes, letters, memo’s, reports and other documents. Even a number of sound recordings are now in the hands of the two organizations. Both organizations noted they will be contacting the ESE, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and its Supervisory Board on short notice.

Updates on these developments will be posted on this website, so stay tuned.

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