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Dutch Police to renew their ICT.

Dutch Police are experiencing significant problems with their ICT organization and infrastructure and will have to rebuild everything from scratch. Up until now problems were solved only partially and police risked losing control of its ICT. During the next three years all problems should be solved for good.
Friday, March 25, 2011

Precinct managers do not wish to invest anymore in the current ICT organization and infrastructure, because a lot of ICT-services have become too expensive, unmanageable, unneeded or simply too old. With all those troubles it is not effective anymore to invest in current ICT-products and services.

The precincts state “the house should be brought up to standards and regulations before any renovation can take place”. Several ICT-services are planned to be transferred to the Datacenter Police Netherlands, which needs to be founded yet.

The police union ACP is not happy to say the least: “It is clear changes are required. But it is crazy the sector itself will turn up for the costs”. ACP further states “the mayors that now push for changes, are the same mayors that introduced the current systems” and “now that we conclude those systems do not function properly, it is the police that needs to pay for replacement”.

According to the union, Dutch Police will be required to pay hundreds of millions of euro’s and will cause thousands of jobs to disappear. Also, financing fair union bargaining rights will be impossible which implicates the proposal is unacceptable for the unions.

Ivo Opstelten, Minister of Justice, is glad the precincts wish to replace current systems: “taking that decision shows the precincts are taking responsibility”. He is assured the whole Dutch Police agree what needs to happen next and is waiting for results of current investigations of the matter before he takes a definitive decision. The proposed plans do remain subject to funding.

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