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‘Informatiekunde’ in Utrecht to stay… for now.

According to the latest reports, the endangered studies ‘informatiekunde’ at the University of Utrecht can stay. At least for now, as the university is not willing to answer any questions and is resisting to give out more detailed information.
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(Utrecht) – Reports have come in that the studies ‘Informatiekunde’ will remain alive at the School of Beta Sciences at the University of Utrecht. This comes after months of demonstrations against the ‘outlook-document’ that contained the termination of Informatiekunde. The biggest shock came when Casper Erkelens was fired as department head back in December when he refused to support the new plans. With the arrival of the new dean Van Meer, Erkelens was reinstated.

Months ago the School said that they “would not facilitate research in the field of Informatiekund, as it is not part of their core-business.” The email contains the statement that now a solution has been found, but it does not mention what those solutions are. Nevertheless, it is clearly mentioned that both Bachelor Informatiekunde and Master Business Informatics will continue to exist – dean Van Meer gave his guarantee about this.

Although the reports also claim that students and staff have been informed today by an email the studies will be continued, a substantial part of the population state no such email was received.

More details on the found solution are expected in a couple of weeks.

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