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ESE-board Exposed! Or is it?

The Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) apparently likes to joke around and post so-called ‘public documents’ as private documents on their website. The ANDY Standard investigated how public these documents really are.
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

(Rotterdam) – It is more than two years ago when complained that some (public) documents are not public at all, but instead ‘hidden’ behind a log-in screen. The IT-department refused to look into the matter, stating that “the system should work fine”. The documents in question are the Resolutions of the Management Team Meetings and their Lists of Postal Items (in/outgoing mail).

The Management team consists out of three members: Philip H. Franses (dean) and Ivo Arnold (both education director and vice-dean). Other people that attend the meeting are: Saskia Krijger (head of Personnel & Organization), the education director, the head of administration and the dean’s executive assistant. Currently Arnold is both education director and vice-dean.

Fact was, and still is, that when you login with a student ERNA-account you get a nice HTTP 401-error as a reward: the user is not authorized to access the files with his/her credentials. See the screenshot below:

Test it yourself by going to this page and use a student(!) ERNA-account. Now, login with a staff ERNA-account and you will be directed to the following page:

The striking fact is that the text literally states that “on this page the management team publishes the public resolutions of the management team meetings on a monthly basis”. If the content is really public, why then does the page require credentials? And why is the content only accessible to employees?

Let us assume the ESE does not want these documents to be accessible by just anyone, which could act as a legitimate argument. Why then do they literally state that the documents are public? What is probably utmost absurd, is that the same documents can be found attached to the council meeting documents which are openly accessible to anyone. Check out this link: ESE-Council documents. Now open the documents of the 88th council meeting and go to page 10. This is the exact same content that is ‘hidden’ on this link (NOTE: Staff account required!).

Dear reader of The ANDY Standard,
Do you see any logic?

Download the management resolutions from the AndyLeaks page.

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