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ESE to facilitate internships.

The ESE looked into the possibility to embed an internship in the curriculum, after student council members requested this matter to be examined. Last Wednesday, the concept was discussed and preliminary reactions are positive.
Friday, February 4, 2011

(Rotterdam) – During the council meeting of December last year, student council members proposed to introduce internships in the curriculum as an elective. The Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) afterwards looked into the matter and now a concept has been presented that explains how things would work.

The ESE-board admitted they had the opportunity to introduce internships several years ago, but rejected the idea due to uncertainty if enough capacity was available. The board also acknowledged they copied parts of the concept from the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) where they introduced internships in their curriculum several years ago.

Some improvements can be made though, for example allowing a re-sit as for any other course. This was dismissed because of operational difficulties but an alternative exist: advise the student to do an internship during the summer and if he fails he can still begin with a minor in September. Concerns were also raised about whether or not the teachers have enough time to facilitate the internships. This was acknowledged as a realistic problem by the board, by they hope the financial incentive for teachers that participate will be enough.

The concept was also presented to Educational Committees which will have to give their opinion about the plans. For what is known, the Econometrics’ Committee has stated it has some serious concerns whether or not students in their third year are capable to successfully complete an internship.

The full concept can be download here.

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