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Erasmus School of Economics ignores multiple requests for talks with E&I students.

After three separate requests made by a council member, on behalf of The ANDY Standard and the student population, the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) has thus far failed to respond. To make matters worse, the ESE has neglected to even reply to any of the requests, thus ignoring the council member and the students he represents.
Monday, January 24, 2011

(Rotterdam) – In December complaints were filed by students from Economics & Informatics (E&I) about educational quality. The students had many issues to address after they encountered courses of which they thought lacked quality – courses were fairly easy to pass, with little effort. They approached fellow E&I master student and council member to address these issues with the board.

Immediate action was taken and the issues were addressed during the council meeting of December 15, 2010. Additionally the council member requested the board to talk with the students about the matters to come up with solutions together. Program Director Ivo Arnold responded firmly by saying not to be familiar with any of the cases and said more details could be sent to his email. This came as a surprise as Rob van der Wal, E&I coordinator, acknowledged some problems only a few days earlier. Dean Philip H. Franses remained awfully silent, but remarkably as it was, so did the rest of the council members and the journalist of the Erasmus Magazine. The board neglected the request of organize talks with all students.

In his email sent to Ivo Arnold on December 22nd, the council member for the second time requested the management to invite students and hold talks, but to no avail. Ivo Arnold finally replied on January 11th that the issues will be discussed with the appropriate people, but did not say anything about talks with students. That’s why the council member sent another email a few days later with a third request for talks. As a results, on January 18 Rob van der Wal invited two students that he had talked to earlier December. A reply to those requests were never received. Again, and for a third time, the request for talks with all students was ignored.

The council member immediately informed Study Association VRiSBI of these circumstances and asked the association to get ready for organizing a gathering by inviting students to enter talks with school officials. You will be kept up-to-date on this website about any further developments.

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