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Inholland rewards alleged fraud with big money.

Lein Labruyère and Joke Snippe were ‘rewarded’ with respectively 175k and 155k euro for alleged fraud and will continue to get paid until next March, while they were suspended back in November.
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(Haarlem) – Labruyère and Snippe will receive their pay regularly until March because their contracts are still valid. Additionally they were driving a leased car until this month, and received huge amounts of cash, 175k and 155k respectively. Inholland defends the golden handshakes, stating that if “this was done in court they would have received a lot more”.

Officials are still investigating the fraud case regarding issuing diploma’s for little effort, board responsibilities and suspicious declarations. Investigators have looked through the whole history of Inholland, which was founded in 2002.

Preliminary results state that especially the supervisory board will not be spared. Other accusations are: using company drivers for private affairs, moving money abroad to avoid taxes, charging private matters as company expenses and unjustified bonuses.

The news faced a lot of criticism, but if it is up to Secretary Donner, golden handshakes should not exceed a EUR 75k maximum in the future. Another proposed measure from the same bill is a maximum salary of 187.340 euro for high officials and managers in the public and semipublic sectors.

The salaries in question should also not be permitted to be raised more than the pay-increase for civil servants. These measures come after a report was published that 55 managers in higher education earned more than 188k euro in 2009.

An overview of salaries can be found here and here.

The proposed bill can be found here.

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