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Students occupy service centre University Amsterdam

About 30 students have occupied the Service and Information Centre of the University of Amsterdam, as an act of protest. They want exams to be cancelled next Friday, the day of the demonstrations in The Hague.
Monday, January 17, 2011

(Amsterdam) – This week for many students is considered a test-week, which means they don’t have lectures. Now students are asking for a day off next Friday to be able to go to The Hague to protest the cutbacks in Higher Education. The College (Hogeschool) of Amsterdam and UvA have already done so, and even organized transportation to the government city. Other colleges and universities have also given the day of. The Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR) didn’t see a reason to follow the rest and Philip H. Franses, dean of the Erasmus School of Economics, has ordered lectures to proceed as usual. EUR’s university board refused to take responsibility and left the decision-making over to the individual deans.

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