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Dutch Railways (NS): No compensation for students.

After the harsh winter weather in December the Dutch Railways (NS) have decided to compensate holders of an annual season ticket. Students on the other hand are excluded.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

(Rotterdam) – The Dutch Railway (NS: Nederlandse Spoorwegen) argue that students do not belong to their annual season client, and therefore are not eligible for a compensation. The annual season clients qualify for a free upgrade to first class outside rush hour during January. Clients already in the possession of a first-class ticket are treated with coffee and tea.

The NS thinks that with these actions they will tempt clients to avoid rush hour in order to distribute the passenger load more evenly. The NS is suffering from a significant amount of mechanical failures to trains, which causes trains to contain typically less coaches, thus less passenger room. With these kinds of deficiencies the NS found itself forced to take the measures as described earlier. Therefore the NS does not call its actions a ‘compensation’ as such, but instead a measure induce less busy rush hours. Passengers that encountered delays during last month qualify for the usual compensation.

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