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Ninety salaries in higher education bigger than country’s Secretary.

Ninety (90) managers, professors and deans of colleges and universities have earned more money than a country’s Secretary, in 2009. The earning per individual vary from 200k to more than 300k euro. The Vice-Chancellor for instance earned a total sum of 205,847.00 euro. The president of the University Board earned 232,404.00 euro.
Wednesday, January 5, 2010

(Rotterdam) – According to the Department of Home Affairs’ report nine (9) employees of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) earned 196,841.00 euro’s or more with on the top a salary of 232,404.00 euro’s for Pauline van der Meer Mohr, chair of the University Board. The report holds all salaries of 188k euro or more. It is conspicuous that she earns more than the Vice-Chancellor, Rector Magnificus. Their direct colleague, member of the University Board earned the smallest reported salary for the EUR: 196,841.00 euro.

Together the nine (9) earned almost 2 million euro’s, averaging more than 210k euro’s per person. This has been a huge increase of almost 25k euro per person, compared to 2008, which translates to slightly more than 13% salary increase. The biggest gain is accounted for a professor class B, with a salary increase of more than 57k euro in 2009. What is striking, is that the members of the University Board had to find pleasure in a salary increase of less than 10k each.

The report contains the positions/function per organization that earned more than 188k euro, which is equivalent to the salary of a country’s Secretary. A total of 55 managers of colleges and universities are listen in the report which is two (2) more than the previous year (2008). The last year’s discharged board members of Hogeschool Inholland earned more than 200k euro per person. An adviser of the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) earned a total sum of 222k euro.

The Dutch government has been criticizing the high salaries for years, but failed to take the appropriate measures to prevent them. At the moment the government is working on legislation to limit salaries in the (semi)public sector to 130% of the Secretary-salary. A related bill is expected to be proposed soon.

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