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University of Utrecht School of Physics and Astronomy threatens with strike.

Employees from the School of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Utrecht have asked the University Board to less reduce expenses. About 200 professors, students and other employees tried this way to have the harsh financial measures and the discharge of Casper Erkelens repealed.
Monday, January 3, 2010

(Utrecht) – About 200 members of the community of School of Physics and Astronomy have demonstrated against the harsh financial measures imposed in the outlook document ‘Taking and giving responsibility’. The demonstrators walked from the Minnaert-buidling to the Management-building armed with arguments like “Casper for President” and “Stop demolition of Physics and Astronomy”.

In their petition, the demonstrators ask for less decrease in expenses and the return of Erkelens as department head. They threaten the university of Utrecht with more and further actions if the board doesn’t comply to the demands. Professor Alfons van Blaaderen commented he and his colleagues have had enough: “Shortly before Christmas we have showed the the new dean that the economizations are disproportionally high for our department. We don’t accept the demolition of the School of Physics and Astronomy as proposed by the board.” Van Blaaaderen further explained more rigorous actions and protests will be discussed and that a strike is not being excluded if the demands in the petition are not complied with.

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