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Professors Univ. Utrecht protest firing of Department Head.

A letter signed by forty (40) professors at the School of Physics protests against the decision to fire Casper Erkelens as Department Head for refusing to sign the outlook document. Yesterday it was announced Erkelens would be replaced starting January 1st after which 5 other department heads immediately decided to send out a protest letter. Now other professors have joined them in the battle to overturn the decision of substitution dean Jan van Ree.
Thursday, December 23, 2010

(Utrecht) – Wednesday it was announced substitution dean Jan van Ree discharged Erkelens as department head because he refused to sign the controversial outlook document. Erkelens openly ridiculed the Van Ree’s outlook document because he could not accept the great and disproportionate financial implications on his Physics and Astronomy department. The 40 professors explain they find it unreasonable Erkelens will be discharged solely for that reason. They further say Erkelens is the person that could really contribute to the outlook document.

One of the professors is Nobelprize winner Gerard ‘ Hooft and board member Harrie Eijkelhof support Erkelens’ reasons for not signing the document and acknowledge Erkelens’ plea is based on facts and numbers. The professors are now discussing what rigorous actions they will take to secure all the conditions that came along when they signed the document. They also demand for Erkelens to stay on as their department head.

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