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Erasmus University tolerates fraud, allows it.

A few years ago the EUR started an ‘anti-fraud’ campaign to inform students that the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) doesn’t tolerate fraud. Flyers were used to inform students about the definition of fraud and the consequences of committing fraud. Unfortunately we can now conclude that the EUR failed to bring their intolerance into practice: the examination board refuses to accept fraud-cases.
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(Rotterdam) – More than 800 freshmen enrolled this year at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) and they all got informed about the zero-tolerance policy against fraud. Each and every student should therefore be aware of the great consequences of committing fraud. As a bonus, several students are about to find out that such ‘zero-tolerance’ policy does not exist.

As a teaching assistant I have been able to ascertain fraud for five students from roughly 45 students I teach. The students committed fraud by using and handing in someone else’s work. Because all the assignments account for the final grade of the course, this should be considered as a serious case of fraud. After all the evidence was laid out, the chair of the examination board advised not to make a case of it. “Just grade the assignments in question with zero points.”

Conclusion: The EUR appears to tolerate fraud by making this decision. If students notice no consequences exist for fraud then they will be reluctant to do it again in the future. Is this really the status the EUR is pursuing? Shouldn’t the EUR make true what they argued for in their anti-fraud campaign.

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