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School’s Council Regulations

March 24, 2010 was a not that exciting date. The period from September 2009 until the mentioned date was though. It was a period in which the Council had to work on the Council’s regulations. The odd thing is: why didn’t the document before? Isn’t it obligatory by law…?
Thursday, March 25, 2010

(Rotterdam) – Indeed the council’s regulations are prescribed by Dutch law and since the document should have been there for a long time. This is apparently one clear example that the ESE doesn’t really care much about regulations and laws. It certainly doesn’t care about the School’s Council, otherwise it would’ve noticed something was missing?!

And what about the lawyers with the EUR? They aren’t that bright either in this case. But aren’t they the people that have to make sure the EUR complies with all rules and regulations? They probably got hold up by the bureaucratic bother and didn’t even have the time to do their actual job. One starts to think: what other regulations is the ESE not complying with. This is something to investigate for sure and who knows what the findings will be.

Either way, the ESE and the EUR better don’t get sued any time soon as they are about to put down EUR 50.000.000 for their ‘Master Plan’ of renewing the campus. And yes, you read that right: that are 7 zero’s and to imagine in what times we live in…

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