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Production Risk Assessment Inventory

The Staff Body of the Council has received the request to confirm the priorities of the Risk Assessment that’s due. The last time such a risk assessment has taken place was 10 years ago, in 2000. The execution of the plan of action for this risk assessment should be discussed with the Staff Body, the same applies for the plan of action to draw up an inventory of the risks. The goal is to discover all risks that may occur.
Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Rotterdam) – The’ new’ Working Conditions Act (Arbo-Wet) 2007 prescribes an obligation to every organization to keep an up-to-date inventory list of all the risks that may occur at work. This is the so-called ‘Production Risk Assessment Inventory and a model of it can be found here. The Working Conditions Act can be downloaded here. The assessment was conducted back in 2000 for the last time and is overdue. It would be a nice question to ask what would have happened if the legislation wasn’t adjusted?

The ESE conducts a lot of quantitative research and a basic rule is to use a large sample size to be able to retrieve good results. The problem with the plan of action for the risk assessment is that only 8 employees per department will be questioned. Is this really a sufficient sample size and has every department the same size so the amount of people questioned is always 8?!

Another way they will conduct the assessment is to check the whole H-building for any potential dangerous situations/objects like for example dangerous (power) cables and other objects, emergency exits that won’t open, the setup of the offices and the setup of an employees’ desk and chair. They are just forgetting one more thing: what about the conditions of the students?!

Students also have to sit all day long in seats that may or may not be healthy. Or some lecture rooms may have been setup in such a way they are potentially (physically) harmful for the student. Such an assessment should mainly focus on the computer rooms: can one adjust the desks height and can the chairs be adjusted well enough to suit both short and tall students? It would be a good idea to start assessing the conditions for students as well and conduct it EUR-wide as an example for other universities!

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