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Ranking Student Performance

A member of the Student Body of the Council has sent a letter in which he points out there’s a demand to rank students according they’re performance and show this ranking on their list of marks. This way a student can show how well he has performed relative to other students. A good question to ask is: do students desire this? This article will briefly discuss some of the difficulties regarding this subject.
Friday, January 29, 2010

(Rotterdam) – Student rankings is a phenomenon that can be found and mainly international students. In the US for example High Schools often give students their mark and their relative score. The relative score is then for example: you are in the top 9% of the class. This already brings up one problem: relative to what exactly?

The ESE has several Bachelor degrees with different trajectories to choose from in the third year. So how should the results be compared: the group of students that started in a year, the students that have completed exactly the same curriculum etc.? This is a real big deal as the ESE, contrary to the RSM, doesn’t work with classes. Finally there are students that study for longer than three years and in what category do they fall in?

Another difficulty lies within the students: do they want this? Naturally students that excel won’t mind, but students with a poor performance will object to this idea. A consequence is that two people with the same diploma could be rated different by the company, solely based on their marks. But wait, isn’t this already done by many companies that ask for a list of marks? Yes, but they would never know exactly how that person performed relatively to some other students.

As a result a diploma has suddenly got different meanings and is valued differently. Luckily there are still smart companies today that bring their verdict based on the potential of a person and not their marks. They for example look at what after school activities you have participated with, or other things you have been doing while going to college.

A solution to the problem that students are against this idea of ranking, is that it becomes optional: a student can decide if he wants to have his relative performance printed on its list of marks. Although this sounds a great solution, it is dangerous: if companies hear it is optional but still available they will logically always ask for it!

Nonetheless, there is some demand for this idea but as for the ESE it is quite complicated to introduce the idea. That’s why we as the Student Body hope the dean is prepared to look into the possibilities to implement the idea and doesn’t immediately dismiss it.

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