Management at The ESE

Higher Management

The Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) is governed by a dean who is responsible for education and research. The vice-dean supports and replaces the dean and together they for the ESE-board or ‘management team’. They meet regularly with other key persons, such as the CFO and the executive assistant. All their decisions are public and can be downloaded here. The dean also regularly meets with the School Council in order to justify his policies and to answer the council’s questions. Read more about the council here.

Educational Management

Managing a large organization such as the ESE, requires a division of different domains, if any. The ESE is divided into four different departments: economics, business economics, econometrics and applied economics. Educational matters are the responsibility of the educational director and is closely collaborates with the dean. Every program has a program coordinator and together with supporting staff and the educational director they form the educational management. A full overview of staff can be found here.


There exist several ‘advisory committees’ that can advice the management and dean on certain issues in different domains of education, research and personnel. For the first there are the Education Committees that focus on a single program and the examination board that covers all programs. Then there is the research committee that covers the academic policies. Finally, there is the council for appointments and promotions, a complaints committee and an elections committee. Committee members are appointed by the dean. More information on these committees can be found found here.

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