Laws & Regulations
Laws & Regulations

The Dutch Law for Higher Education (Wet op Hoger onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk onderzoek ‘WHW’) prescribes how the universities organizationally should look like. One of the things the Law prescribes is the existence of a so-called School’s Council for every School (Faculty) of a particular university. The Council has mostly advisory and some approval competencies. A nice thing is that everyone from the school’s community can bring issues to the Council’s attention. These issues may be discussed during Council meetings or they may be handled internally if it’s a problem or information inquiry that can easily be solved or provided. History has shown students don’t contact the Student Body very often. With this website I am trying to change that.

There are several Laws & Regulations that prescribe how the Council should be formed and operated. Unfortunately some links on the ESE website that lead to these documents are dead. As soon as I gather these documents I will post them here for you.

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